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Coldtub in action

Check out the COLDTUB™ in action with Jake Burt showing us the Coldtub in action!

Proudly made in the USA

Plugs into a standard 110 volt 15 amp wall outlet

Fits through a standard doorway

Temperature range from 42 degrees to 104 degrees

Fills and drains with a regular garden hose

Operates wirelessly anywhere in the world you have wifi access

No plumbing or ice required

Digital control pad

Brand A
Brand B
Brand C
Brand D
sanitation system
Microfiltration and dead sea salt sanitation technology. Coldtub Pal
Ozone and uv
A corona discharge ozone that is good for only 6 months to 1-year.
Ozone and UV
years in business
15+ years
Less than 6 months
3 years
3 years
3 years
Commercial and residential-in college and pro athletic training rooms worldwide
Bioloc vacuum formed acrylic custom wrap w/logo or cedar/stone cabinet included
White acrylic top with padded sitting area. no customizability
Chinese acrylic bathtub converted to cold tub.
Various woods HPDE
Stainless steel
7 year warranty on shell of tub
2 years on upper shell
1-year warranty
5-year limited warranty
5 years on shell
change water/filter
6-12 months water 3-6 months filter for commercial use
1-6 months water. 1 month filter residential use
5-10 times a month water. 1 week filter residencial use
3-6 months water. 2-6 weeks filter. residencial use
1 month water. 3 week filter. Residential use
safety certification
UL Safety Certified by TUV Standards
Coldtub Pal app control and monitor all systems on tub anywhere in world w/wifi
Third party "app". can't find anywhere
No technology
Minimal technology
No technology
42-104F medical grade thermometer
"36F" hot option available
"Down to 36F"
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3 great reasons to use a COLDTUB™

Reduces Lactic Acid Build Up

Ice baths and cold water therapy helps reduce lactic acid build up, reduces swelling, and normalize adrenaline production so the body can recover faster than normal.

Less Pain & Reduction of DOMS

Ice baths and cold water therapy helps reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) by helping reduce the inflammation and muscle spasm that causes it.

Faster Injury Recovery!

Using a cold tub or ice bath reduces injury recovery time. Cold therapy is already used to treat acute sport injuries. A COLDTUB™ is much better than an ice pack or cold compress in many ways.

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What some of our clients say

Edge Athletic Lounge

Edge Athletic Lounge

Our COLDTUB™ has been a true game changer for our athletes.  Many of our members use the tubs as part of their weekly training regimen to help them prevent and/or recover from injury.  Our tubs have been used by countless athletes over the last 4+ years and are...

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Justin Marks – Dry Lake Group

Justin Marks – Dry Lake Group

Simply the very best method of recovery is cold therapy. I’ve never experienced a protocol that benefits my mind, health, sleep, recovery, and energy quite like cold immersion. 56 degrees at 4 minutes today. @coldtubs #health #recovery  

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Yardon Brantley,President, Shape Training

Yardon Brantley,President, Shape Training

Our experience with COLDTUB™️ has been fantastic. Our mission is to create a complete “Athlete” training experience for our clients, and COLDTUB™️ gives us the opportunity to do that on the recovery end! They were very professional and...

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