Advanced Technology

COLDTUB™ technology is far superior to anything else on the market. A digital control pad allows for precise temperature control and our automated sanitizing system and water chemistry monitoring system make everything easier for the end user.

Our patented cooling system is the lowest maintenance cooling system available. With significantly fewer moving parts than other cooling systems, our system requires significantly less maintenance and care.

COLDTUB™ products are packed with features not available on other cold water products. We are doing what they haven’t even started thinking about. Our cutting edge electronic platform opens a world of opportunities.

Consider these optional features:

Remote Control

Our Free COLDTUB™ App allows you to control the functions of your COLDTUB™ product from your mobile device. Set the temperature, increase or decrease filtration cycles.


Internet connectivity allows COLDTUB™ products to be upgraded remotely when new technology is released. Our goal is to protect your investment by keeping it from obsolescence as long as possible. The functionality of your COLDTUB™ can grow seamlessly.

Safety Certified

Our products are all third party safety certified – The only ones in the industry.

Internet Control Portal is a website that is exclusive to COLDTUB™ and Eco Pack. This website, if installed, allows you to connect your tub to the Internet, permitting you to control functions through the web, which is easier than using the top side control. Using this website, you can control the temperature, turn pumps on and off and adjust the sanitizer levels and filtration times.



Using, you can control various items through the setting tab; filtration, sanitize times, and firmware upgrade.



The filtration setting allows you to monitor the number of hours a the day your tub will run on the filtration cycle, which is completely adjustable to your personal use. It can also display the current filtration status of your COLDTUB™.

Salt water sanitizing system: You can control the number of hours per day that the Salt system will operate in your tub.


Firmware upgrade:

The firmware upgrade feature allows you to upgrade firmware when there are new upgrades.



Documents that are specific to your tub and the options that you have installed are here in one place. The Owner’s Manual is included. You can also refer to the Quick Reference Card for questions about your tub

Error Codes:

This feature allows you to research error codes that your tub may be displaying, allowing you to troubleshoot before calling for service.



Your profile is your user information for the website. Additionally, under profile, you need to register your COLDTUB™ to, allowing you to control your tub remotely from the Internet.



Under Diagnostics is a new product coming out soon called COLDTUB™pal, an automated water chemistry feature. It manages your tub for you, making water chemistry easy, and it can be maintained remotely. These display allowing you to see PH and ORP and your sanitation balance to quickly assist in troubleshooting.

*Internet accessibility on location may require IT assistance on customer end. It is recommended to run an ethernet cable to the COLDTUB™.


COLDTUB™-Pal is an advanced salt water maintenance system designed to data log tub water pH and ORP readings. It maintains ORP within a specified range by automatically producing sanitizer (Chlorine) agents. It displays current ORP and pH levels of your tub water, conditions and softens water, making skin feel softer and smooth. It also dramatically reduces time needed to maintain water and reduces contact with harsh chemicals.

COLDTUB™ Pal is a standard feature on all PT models, starting in 2018.

This system is designed to work optimally with via an internet connection, but will also work independently  if no connection is available.

COLDTUB™ Pal only requires a simple installation of a probe by the customer.