Take your Polarpool to the next level with a Global Spa Component that connects your cold tub to the Internet for real time temperature monitoring, filtration control, downloadable upgrades, interactive troubleshooting and so much more!


Polarpool is the must-have piece of equipment for every professional and college level sports team – it helps athletes recover faster from muscle injuries, stresses and strains and it saves trainers countless hours they used to spend scooping ice, filling, draining and sanitizing the old steel whirlpool tubs between therapy sessions. Plus, Polarpool is portable and fits through any standard doorway so it can travel with the team when they go on the road.

And now, thanks to Eco-Pack, COLDTUB™’s Bluetooth/WiFi module, your Polarpool can be controlled remotely, from any WiFi enabled device.

Download free apps to your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android phone and take control of your cold tub even when you’re far away!

Plus, upgrades and updates for your Eco-Pack can be delivered through these apps so your tub’s functionality will always be completely up to date with the latest technology.

What can you do with this app?

Get the Polarpool ready for your athletes while they’re still on the field:

Check the current temperature and adjust it up or down.

Turn on the pump and lights.

View and adjust filtration settings.

Take time to get to know your cold tub while you’re on the road with the team:

Read the owner’s manual. Refer to the quick reference card or the explanation of error codes for troubleshooting.

Download brochures, videos and other docs to learn more about the features of your cold tub, as well as coming upgrades and newer models coming on the market.

Order supplies to have them waiting when you get home.

Get the free COLDTUB™ app today!

Search the app store on your phone for COLDTUB™ and click to install. You can also find the app on iTunes.

Even if your cold tub isn’t equipped with the Global Spa Component, the owner’s manual, videos, troubleshooting tips and other information on this free app will be extremely helpful and interesting.