The IceBreaker

The Icebreaker, seems so obvious to us now. We took two Icepod PLUS’s, cut off two feet and connected them together face to face to create the world’s first and most spectacular two person hot and/or cold tub in the world. 

You can simply sit and relax with a friend while enjoying a nice hot soak with your favorite beverage in this two person hot tub. Or you and you can set it to high performance cold tub mode and help distract each other from your COLDTUB™ training session which you know is going to make you feel better in a different way. 

Either way, you choose. The Icebreaker settles the argument “Honey, should we buy a COLDTUB™ or a hot tub”? The Icebreaker amazingly achieves both. It has a relatively small footprint of 96” by 30” and 40” Tall which maintains the compression factor in such a deep tub. Like all of our safety certified commercial units the IceBreaker fits through a standard doorway, plugs into standard wall outlet, is filled with a garden hose. 

The IceBreaker and all of our commercial units and go hot and cold 42 to 104 degrees faster than any other product on the market. 

The IceBreaker is available with the same computer generated sanitizing, chilling, heating, and filtration systems used on our larger models that are designed for potentially hundreds of people per day. The IceBreaker will exceed your every expectation from a performance point of view. You can customize the IceBreaker exterior with its own customized logo, cedar cabinet, or stone exterior. 

The Icebreaker, it is the ultimate couples retreat.

The most advanced Automated Water Care System is available on this cold tub!

Coldtub Pal penguin mascot



272kg/600 lbs


Water Capacity

110 Gal/414 L


(Length x Width x Height)

244cm x 75cm x 102cm

96in x 29.5in x 40in

8ft x 2ft x 3ft





Volts: 110

Watts: 1300

Amps: 13


Capacity: 2



  • Electrical requirement is 110Volt dedicated 15amp circuit for each unit.
  • The IceBreaker come with a 6′ GFCI cord and male plug.
  • No plumbing is required. The COLDTUB™ can be filled and drained with a garden hose.
  • Filters with 10sq’ water filter that can be replaced while water is in the tub.
  • Salt water sanitizer system maintains Chlorine levels.
  • Wifi extender installed to run the COLDTUB™ app.
  • Capable of connecting tub to and controlling the tub from internet. This depends on the internet availability on location.
  • Preferred would be ethernet cable ran to the COLDTUB™. This feature will require you to disable ping blocks from the port the COLDTUB™ is connected through.
  • Underwater light.
  • Therapy Jets.
  • 1300W heater


  • Sound Wave Therapy – Can play music through Bluetooth but most important play “Sonic Massage” that can be downloaded from the COLDTUB™ website and played through the water giving you the advantage.


  • Taping table – Save space in your facility with with the COLDTUB™ cover that locks into reclined positions to comfort the athlete while being treated. Only available on Icepod and Icepod Plus and IceBreaker.

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